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In the summer, paragliding flights in tandem are not yet performed

Karakol paraglidingKarakol paragliding



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Tandem paragliding is fun and easy Karakol 

Tandem Paragliding in Bald Mountain is one of the most spectacular places in Issyk-kul region to paraglide; it is located 15 km from Karakol City. Bald Mountain is the site that we fly from most because of its location, and the stunning views of the Ak-Suu area.

Tandem paragliding is a great introduction into the sport, or just experiencing the joy of free flight. Flights last anywhere from 5-10mins, depending on the wind. 


1. Closed shoes - hiking boots are best, but running shoes are fine. No sandals, birkenstocks, or high heels - we will not be able to fly with you if you come with unsuitable shoes.

2. Long pants

3. Long-sleeved top (something warm)

4. We suggest bringing sunscreen as well

Additional Details:

Our driver can pick you up in Karakol City or you can come directly to Teplokluchenka (Ak -Suu Village) (you will be provided with directions to the flying point). Please remember that the best paragliding times are between 11 pm and 5pm. 

Karakol paraglidingKarakol paraglidingKarakol paragliding 


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